Our property in now smoke free!!
The Forum does not offer any smoking units 
Only one smoking area allowed.​
Fifteen years ago we turned all of our units into non-smoking rooms, suites, and apartments.  Now, the pool area, balconies, and common areas are smoke free.  This decision was made in an effort to promote the continued and increased cleanliness of our accommodations, and surrounding property.  Prior to our decision, requests for non-smoking rooms, and complaints about smoking rooms, were significantly on the rise.  Recently, pool area complaints were on the rise and cigarette butts in the parking lots have become an issue.  We also believe that our decision will reduce the risk of a potential fire hazard, and ultimately protect the property for future generations.  Upon check-in guests will be asked to initial a statement indicating their understanding of our policy and that a cleaning fee of $150 dollars will be assessed for violations.  We regret any inconveniences that our non-smoking policy may pose for our smoking guests.  This policy impacts all tobacco related smoking products and illegal substances.  A designated smoking area will be available for 2015.  Please ask upon check in.

(c) Jeff Morrison 2017